Long Pants

Boys can make short work out of a pair of nice trousers, which is why we’ve made our boys' pants as tough as they are stylish. We know that boys will be boys, and you can’t always keep them off the floor or out of trouble. (If you’ve ever seen a new pair of pants get grass stained in a matter of seconds, you’ll know what we mean!)

The modern, streamline style of our pants makes them popular with boys who don’t want to be seen looking like they’re wearing a pair of Grandpa’s slacks. Our pants also provide the dressier look parents are after. On top of that, they’re easy to launder so that boys can run wild and free, and all parents have to do is wash and dry.

Available in a selection of classic colours, these are pants for boys that you can pair with just about anything and in any shade. Kids will feel comfortable in their fit, and parents will take comfort in the fact they’ll actually be worn. Everybody wins!