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How to Dress Your Little Boy for A Formal Event

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So you’ve received your family’s invitation for a wedding, fancy party, or other special event, and the first thought that pops into your head is, “But what on earth will the kids wear?”

As a parent, it’s pretty normal to focus solely on getting your kids dressed and brushed and fed, to the point that you often leave the house in pyjama pants—or no pants, if it was a particularly rough morning. And Just Jack gets it. Your kids are a reflection of you as a parent, and you want them to look adorable and well-dressed, especially at formal events. But, kids will be kids—and little boys have a funny habit of wearing anything they eat and attracting nearby mud like a magnet.

Instead of forcing them into miniature suits that will cause nothing but tears and tantrums, try a few alternatives that will have them looking delightfully sharp but still lets your little boy, be a little boy.

1. Gingham Short-Sleeved Shirt with Khaki Shorts

This is a great option for summer events; your little man will stay cool while looking put-together. Choose a bright, pastel colour like blue or green to keep your child looking youthful and summery.

2. Navy Sweater with Collared Polo Shirt

A white polo shirt peeking out from a thick but comfortable navy sweater, paired with crisp, tan chinos is truly a classic look. Your child will stay warm, but look preppy and on trend. This combination works great for formal dinners, ceremonies, and parties.

3. Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt with Coloured Jeans

The long-sleeved shirt will have him looking formal and sharp, but the pants will lighten up the outfit and make it charmingly boyish. We love a crisp white shirt paired with dark blue or green jeans and laced dress shoes. Depending on the event, you can either leave his shirt untucked, or finish off the outfit with a leather belt.

4. Vest, Dress Pants, and Dress Shirt

For some events like weddings, you’ll have to put them in something dressier. A great middle ground for fussy kids is simply  adding a vest to the classic dress shirt and pants. They’ll instantly look well-groomed and formal, but will still be able to sit and breathe comfortably. Plus, the ensemble will cost you way less than a formal suit, and you can still use the pieces to make different outfits for added value.

Boys Polo Shirt in Vintage White

5. Polo Shirt with Chinos

Whenever possible, keep it easy and breezy with a smart polo shirt and chinos. You can get creative and make the outfits unique with surprising colour pops, like a white polo with pale blue chinos, or a lime-green polo matched with  tan chinos. Help him add stylish accessories, like a page-boy cap or boat shoes to complete his look. Your little guy will be comfortable and happy, which is what matters most.

These options are dress-code friendly, but also “curious, adventure-loving boy” friendly. Kids will love the comfort level and flexibility of clothes that let them breathe and run around, and for once, getting dressed might not be a battle of wills. In fact, Just Jack’s clothing is so wearable, you might just find him dressed and ready before you know it.

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